Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch the streaming?

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Where is the conference taking place?

Will take place in Auditorio Mar de Vigo, located on the oceanfront, facing Cíes Islands. More info.

I bought a ticket and I need an invoice, how can I get it?

If you need an invoice for the entity that sponsors your attendance to the event, we will generate your invoice once the event is held, or once conference ticket details can no longer be changed. Mainly because of how complex it is to cancel those documents in our framework.

Is the conference in Spanish only?

The conference will be mainly in Spanish, and depending on how many talks in English are accepted, there may be a complete track during talk days.

The mail talks, that open and close the event, will be given in Spanish. However, everyone in the organization speaks both Spanish and English, should anyone need information in either language.

Which airport is closest to the conference?

Vigo’s airport, Peinador, is the closest airport and is only 20 minutes from the city center. More información in the City section.

Other nearby airports:

  • Santiago-Rosalía de Castro Airport (approx. 100 km)
  • Porto - Portugal Airport (approx. 150 km)
When are workshops and talks taking place?

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I want to sponsor, how to add-ons work?

Once you have chosen a sponsorship plan, you may choose additional, independent items to support the conference, such as «Interviews» or «Lactation Room». That means you will be supporting the conference paying your chosen plan, plus those independent items (with limited slots) for specific activities.

Mind that you need to choose an sponsorship plan before you can choose add-ons, ranging from the simplest (Cortegada) to the most complete (Cíes).

How can I submit a talk?

If you visit the Call for Proposals section, you will find instructions to create your abstract and a link to the platform where proposals must be submitted, pretalx.

In the link you will find the steps (in English and Spanish) and you will be able to start filling the form to submit your proposal. Once you have submitted your proposal, you will be able to edit it, so do not worry that you might need to make changes after submission.

I am a sponsor, how many tickets do I get, and how?

Según el plan elegido tendrías las siguientes entradas:

  • Cíes: 6 entradas
  • Ons: 4 entradas
  • Sálvora: 2 entradas
  • Cortegada: 1 entrada

Más información en la sección de patrocinios.

I am a speaker, do I have to buy a ticket?

Every talker is granted entry to the conference, i.e. they do not need a ticket. If you are thinking of submitting a talk, you are encouraged to get a ticket, regardless of whether or not your submission is accepted.